Biogeography, Systematic Entomology, Tropical Ecology, Conservation, Limnology

Geographical regions of research: Africa, tropical Asia, Europe
Research areas: Biomonitoring of human impact on the environment; Conservation of biodiversity; Assessment of water quality in stream ecosystems; Historical biogeography; Systematic entomology (Coleoptera, Carabidae, Paussinae).


Curriculum vitae

2015ff Professor emeritus, University of Basel

1996-2015 Head of Institute and Professor for Nature and Landscape Conservation and Environmental Protection / Biogeography, University of Basel, Switzerland

1994 Education Advisor and Lecturer in Insect Taxonomy, University of Manado, Indonesia

1991-1996 Lecturer and Programme Coordinator, MSc Study “Environmental Risk Assessment in Tropical Ecosystems”, Chiang Mai University, Thailand

1991-1996 Apl. Professor for Biogeography, University of the Saarland, Saarbrücken, Germany

1984 Habilitation, venia legendi in Biogeography, University of the Saarland, Saarbrücken, Germany

1980-1996 Lecturer and Member of the Steering Committee of the Diplôme Européen en Sciences de l’Environnement (Bilingual international postgraduate study, Universities in Belgium, Luxemburg, France, Germany)

1975 PhD (Biogeography, Zoology and Physical Geography), University of the Saarland, Saarbrücken, Germany

1968-1975 Study of biology and geography, University of the Saarland, Saarbrücken, Germany


Key Publications

Carabidae, Paussinae, Paussini: New Nomenclatural and Taxonomic Acts, Comments, and Catalogue.
Nagel P., Robertson J.A., Moore W., 2017.
Pp.12-18, 466-470 in Löbl I. & Löbl D. (eds), Catalogue of Palaearctic Coleoptera. Vol.1. Archostemata-Myxophaga-Adephaga, Revised and Updated Edition, pp. xxxiv, 1443. Leiden, Boston: Brill.

No ecological opportunity signal on a continental scale? Diversification and life-history evolution of African true toads (Anura: Bufonidae).
Liedtke H.C., Müller H., Rödel M.-O., Menegon M., Gonwouo-Nono Legrand, Barej M.F., Gvoždík V., Schmitz A., Channing A., Nagel P., Loader S.P., 2016.
Evolution 70(8): 1717-1733.

A review of myrmecophily in ant nest beetles (Coleoptera: Carabidae: Paussinae) – linking early knowledge with recent findings.
Geiselhardt S, Peschke K, Nagel P, 2007.
Naturwissenschaften, 94 (11): 871-894.

Leaf litter breakdown in natural and plantation forests of the Lama forest reserve in Benin.
Attignon S.E., Weibel D., Lachat T., Sinsin B., Nagel P. & Peveling R., 2004.
Applied Soil Ecology 27(2): 109-124

Induction of micronuclei in haemocytes and gill cells of zebra mussels, Dreissena polymorpha, exposed to clastogens.
Mersch J., M.-N. Beauvais & P. Nagel, 1996.
Mutation Research - Genetic Toxicology 371: 47-55, 1996

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