Applied and Environmental Geology

The focus of the applied and environmental geology group (Angewandte und Umweltgeoloigie AUG) involves the development of application-application-oriented basics related to geological, hydrogeological and geotechnical engineering topics within the region of Northwestern Switzerland and neighboring countries. Current research focuses also on urban geology and hydrogeology as well as the management of subsurface resources (water & energy).

Current environmentally relevant tasks such as the rehabilitation of former industrial sites, the hydrogeological support of large-scale construction projects or the assessment of natural hazards can no longer be satisfactorily resolved without in-depth knowledge of near-surface geological and hydrogeological processes.

The expertise of the AUG is passed on through teaching and counseling to students, cantonal and federal departments as well as practitioners. Our research activities are networked with projects of cantonal agencies, federal offices and universities. This creates synergies for the optimal implementation of new findings in practice.

  • Research: «We carry out up-to-date, environmentally relevant research»
  • Teaching: «We provide attractive, geoscientific education»
  • Service: «We advise independently, competently and practice-oriented»
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AUG Services

We provide independent, competent and practice-oriented services