Biogeochem Group News

02.07.2024Congratulations Carolina! Carolina Fernandes very successfully defended her outstanding PhD work on Isotope fractionation of molecular oxygen during enzymatic O2 consuming processes in aquatic environments.
15.03.2024We welcome Nathalie Lalonde as our new secretary
01.10.2023Congratulations Madeleine! Madeleine Santos won the ETH Silver Medal for her MSc thesis on "Tracking Holocene sea ice and paleoenvironment evolution in the Beaufort Shelf, Arctic Ocean"
01.10.2023We welcome Madeleine Santos as a new PhD to our group 
01.08.2023We welcome Julie Lattaud in our group
04.06.2023Lehmann Group at ASLO
01.03.2023We welcome Jochem Baan as a new PostDoc to the Biogeochemistry Group
01.10.2022We welcome Halima Zaljevic as our new secretary
27.09.2022Fieldwork Svalbard, Norway
01.08.2022New member of the Biogeochem group Saskia Läubli
22.12.2021Martin Ley successfully defended his PhD work on N2O emissions from floodplain soil‘s. Congratulations Martin!
01.10.2021Teresa Einzmann ASI-Vortragspreisträgerin 2021 ASI
20.08.2021Watch Camerons great vidoe about our field class in the Cadagno Lake region
13.04.2021Lehmann lab in the Atlantic - Impact of amazon river discharge on nitrous oxide greenhouse gas emissions Instagram
11.03.2021Karin Liesenfeld Farewell
09.03.2021Bartosiewicz, M. P. Rzepka, and M.F. Lehmann (2021). Tapping freshwaters for methane and energy. Environmental, Science and Technology;
02.03.2021We welcome Stella Binder as our new secretary
06.01.2021Latest Publication: Sun, X., Frey, C., Garcia-Robledo, E., Jayakumar A., Ward B.Microbial niche differentiation explains nitrite oxidation in marine oxygen minimum zones. ISME J (2021).
04.01.2021We welcome Dr. Cameron Callbeck as a new PostDoc to the Biogeochemistry Group
04.01.2021Latest Publication: Niederdorfer, R., Hausherr, D., Palomo, A., Wei, J., Magyar, P., Smets, B.F., Joss, A. & Bürgmann, H.. Temperature modulates stress response in mainstream anammox reactors. Commun Biol 4, 23 (2021).
25.10.2020AlumniGeo awards master thesis of Laura Szemberski - Congratulation!
01.10.2020The new PhD-candidats Alessandra Mazzoli and Tim Paulus start their work - Welcome in the Biogeochemistry Group
01.09.2020Latest Publication: Visser, A.-N., S.D. Wankel, P. A. Niklaus, J.M. Byrne, A.A. Kappler, M.F. Lehmann (2020). Impact of reactive surfaces on the abiotic reaction between nitrite and ferrous iron and associated nitrogen and oxygen isotope dynamics. Biogeosciences, 17, 4355–4374, 2020;
25.05.2020Now the two PhD-positions are also filled
11.05.2020The two PhD-positions are still vacant
30.04.202033386 - Microbial ecology and biogeochemistry of alpine aquatic ecosystems postponed to FS 21
25.02.2020Open Positions - two PhD and one PostDoc position - - submit your application via the the UniBas e-recruiting platform
18.02.202033386 - Microbial ecology and biogeochemistry of alpine aquatic ecosystems (flyer, pdf 870 kb) in collaboration with the ETH Zürich from 19.07. - 25.07.2020
13.01.2020Science Daily "Climate gas budgets highly overestimate methane discharge from Arctic Ocean"
10.12.2019Latest Publication: Cojean, A.N.Y., J. Zopfi, A. Gerster, C. Frey, F. Lepori, M.F. Lehmann (2019). Direct O2 control on the partitioning between denitrification and dissimilatory nitrate reduction to ammonium in lake sediments. Biogeosciences, 16, 4705-4718,
26.09.2019Congratulations! Maciej’s latest paper got featured in the latest issues of Nature Climate Change as Research Highlight?
24.08.2019Latest Publication: Bartosiewicz, M., A. Przytulska, J.-F. Lapierre, I. Laurion, M. F. Lehmann and R.  Maranger (2019). Hot tops, cold bottoms: Synergistic climate warming and shielding effects increase carbon burial in lakes. Limnology and Oceanography Letters; doi: 10.1002/lol2.10117
01.-12.07.2019Field Course "Marine Biology and Biogeochemistry in Elba, Italy" Photo Gallery
27.06.2019Defense Adeline COJEAN, Lecture-room 223 Bernoullianum, 15h
14.05.2019Geo-Microbiology and Bio-Geochemistry in Alpine Environment together with ETH Zürich, Dr. K. Hanselmann from 02.09. - 07.09.2019
23.04.2019Swiss Polar Day Bern 
The Swiss Polar Day gathers the Swiss scientific community around international keynote speakers active in the Arctic, Antarctic and high-altitude regions. Claudia Frey presented the plans of our new project "Greenmelt - Impact of Greenland Ice Melt on ocean productivity" taking part at the SPI organized expedition around Greenland "GLACE".

Former Lehmann group researcher Helge Niemann appointed as professor Microbial and isotope biogeochemistry - Utrecht University

11.-15.02.2019Methods in Environmental Geosciences: Principles in Aquatic Biogeochemistry - Lab Training for Students
06.-08.02.2019Fun & Sciences in Engelberg - see Photo Gallery
10.01.2019Info-Tag Bachelor an der Universität Basel - Programm der Geowissenschaften
20.12.2018Defense Guangyi SU, Lecture room 103, Bernoullianum 10:15h
09.11.2018News: Hydrobiologie-Limnologie-Stiftung für Gewässerforschung verleiht Hydrobiologie-Limnologie-Preis 2018 Dr. Yuki Weber für seine Dissertation
09.10.2018Updated list of Master projects
25.11.2016News: Prix de Quervain 2016 für Polar- und Höhenforschung für Dr. Lea Steinle "
Environmental controls on marine methane oxidation: From deep-sea brines to shallow coastal systems"
06.12.2016Prof. Dr. Moritz Lehmann was promoted full professor
2014News: Hydrobiologie-Limnologie-Stiftung, Zürich - Hydrobiologie-Limnologie-Preis 2014 Dr. Christine Wenk für ihre Dissertation “Nitrogen transformation pathways, rates, and isotopic signatures of Lake Lugano”