Biogeochem News

13.08.2019Latest Publication: Bartosiewicz, M., A. Przytulska, B.N. Deshpande, A. Cortes, S. MacIntyre, M. F. Lehmann and I. Laurion (2019). Effects of climate change and episodic heat events on cyanobacteria in a eutrophic polymictic lake. Science of the Total Environment, Vol. 693,
09.07.2019Latest Publication: Su, G., H. Niemann, L. Steinle J. Zopfi, M. F. Lehmann. Evaluating radioisotope-based approaches to measure anaerobic methane oxidation rates in lacustrine sediments. Limnology and Oceanography: Methods, doi: 10.1002/lom3.10323.
01.-12.07.2019Field Course "Marine Biology and Biogeochemistry in Elba, Italy" Photo Gallery
27.06.2019Defense Adeline COJEAN, Lecture-room 223 Bernoullianum, 15h
14.05.2019Geo-Microbiology and Bio-Geochemistry in Alpine Environment (flyer, pdf) together with ETH Zürich, Dr. K. Hanselmann from 02.09. - 07.09.2019
23.04.2019Swiss Polar Day Bern 
The Swiss Polar Day gathers the Swiss scientific community around international keynote speakers active in the Arctic, Antarctic and high-altitude regions. Claudia Frey presented the plans of our new project "Greenmelt - Impact of Greenland Ice Melt on ocean productivity" taking part at the SPI organized expedition around Greenland "GLACE".

New trace gases short film from 2018 Workshop
In October 2018, an Ocean Carbon- and Biogeochemistry workshop addressed questions to help determine the future directions of methane and nitrous oxide measurements in the global oceans. The objective was to define the key questions that need to be addressed in the near future and provide practical guidance about how they can be addressed.


Former Lehmann group researcher Helge Niemann appointed as professor Microbial and isotope biogeochemistry - Utrecht University

11.-15.02.2019Methods in Environmental Geosciences: Principles in Aquatic Biogeochemistry - Lab Training for Students
06.-08.02.2019Fun & Sciences in Engelberg - see Photo Gallery
10.01.2019Info-Tag Bachelor an der Universität Basel - Programm der Geowissenschaften
20.12.2018Defense Guangyi SU, Lecture room 103, Bernoullianum 10:15h
17.12.2018New science film ‘Happy Growth’ about the Nitrogen cycle: How do fertilizers contribute to global warming? Participation of Jana Tischer at the ESFH Lausanne 2018.
27.11.2018Latest Publication: Ley, M. M.F. Lehmann, P. Niklaus, and J. Luster. Alteration of nitrous oxide emissions from floodplain soils by aggregate size, litter accumulation and plant soil interactions. Biogeosciences, Vol. 15, 7043-7057
23.11.2018PSI - Excursion
09.11.2018News: Hydrobiologie-Limnologie-Stiftung für Gewässerforschung verleiht Hydrobiologie-Limnologie-Preis 2018 Dr. Yuki Weber für seine Dissertation
10.10.2018News: Improving paleotemperature reconstruction: Swiss lakes as a model system
09.10.2018Updated list of Master projects
28.11.2017News Uni-Research: Methan als Grundnahrung: Besonderes Ökosystem in Wasserhöheln Mexikos entdeckt
06.12.2016Prof. Dr. Moritz Lehmann was promoted full professor
05.11.2013News Uni-Research: Das Stickstoff-Puzzle in den Ozeanen: Anammox-Stickstoff-Isotopeneffekte