MSc Theses (in alphabetical order)

Blaurock, K., 2017. Effects of the herbicide Roundup© on the metabolism of Gammarus fossarum (Crustacea, Amphipoda, Gammaridae)

Bourbonnais, A., 2007. Nitrate isotope anomalies and N2 fixation in the Azores Front region (subtropical N-E Atlantic). MSc Thesis Université du Québec à Montreal.

Blin, A., 2008. The history and presence of cyanobacterial blooms in Lake Brome (QC) in relation to catchment perturbations: paleopigments, akinetes, and phytoplankton. MSc Thesis Université du Québec à Montreal (in French).

Burtscher, E., 2023. Nitrous oxide cycling within the Amazon River plume. MSc Thesis University Basel.

Freymond, C., 2012. N2O production in sediments of the Lake Lugano South Basin – A new 15N labelling method. MSc Thesis University Basel.

Giglio, E., 2017. Nitrat-Isotopenfraktionierung während der Denitrifikation und Identifikation von schwefelabhängigen, nitratreduzierenden Bakterien in der Redox-Übergangszone im Luganersee, Nordbecken. MSc Thesis University Basel (in German).

Haefelfinger, R., 2014. Biogeochemical investigation of three road runoff treatment plants in the Canton Basel-Landschaft. MSc Thesis University Basel. 

Hitz, C., 2009. Investigations on the methane turnover in the sediments and the water column of Lake Lugano. MSc Thesis University Basel.

Kahne, L.M., 2015. Nitrous oxide production in a meromictic south alpine lake: Insights from N and O isotope ratios. MSc Thesis University Basel.

Ley, M., 2013. Quantifizierung bakterieller Biomasse während des Abbaus organischen Materials mittels Fluoreszenzmikroskopie und Durchflusszytometrie. MSc Thesis University Basel (in German).

Lutz, E., 2018. Trophic niche expansion with invasion of the round goby in the river Rhine in Basel. MSc Thesis University Basel.

Ogorka, S., 2014. Biogeochemical Maturation of Three Road Runoff Treatment Plants in Canton Basel-Land. MsC-Thesis University Basel.

Piantoni, C., 2023. Following primary nitrogen isotope signatures of autochthonous and allochthonous organic matter into the sedimentary archives: Constraints of diagenetic N-isotope alteration in lacustrine sediments. Msc Thesis University Basel.

Rechtsteiner, R., 2009*. Nitrogen transformations along hyporheic hydrological connectivity in a restored riparian zone at the River Thur, Switzerland. MSc Thesis ETH Zurich.

Richner, D., 2017. Short-term variations of methane and methanotrophic activity in a coastal inlet (Eckernförde Bay, Germany). MSc Thesis University Basel.

Sax, N., 2012. The history of water column euxinia and red sulfur bacteria in Lake Cadagno: A biomarker approach. MSc Thesis University Basel.

Stötter, T., 2011. Die Stickstoff-Isotopenzusammensetzung von Phaeopigmenten in Seesedimenten des Lago di Cadagno. MSc Thesis University Basel (in German).

Stockar, M., 2016. Facilitation in Legume-Maize Intercropping Systems Mediated by Common Mycorrhizal Networks. MSc Thesis University Basel in collaboration with Agroscope.

Studer, F., 2018. Die Verbreitung der Geburtshelferkröte (Alytes obstetricans) im Kanton Baselland. MSc Thesis University Basel (in German).

Szemberski, L., 2020. Controls on N2O production by ammonium oxidation in the Eastern Tropical North Pacific oxygen deficient zone. MSc Thesis University Basel.

Venetz, J., 2019. Methane production through methylphosponate decomposition as particularly important pathway in the methane cycle of Lake Cadagno. Msc Thesis Unviersity Basel.

Wyss, S., 2010. Episodic destratification of the Lake Lugano North Basin: Implications for biogeochemical budgets in a eutrophic meromictic lake. MSc Thesis University Basel (in German)

Zimmermann, R., 2017. Distribution of Burkholderia pseudomallei in Lao rivers. MSc Thesis University Basel.

*study that was conducted to a large extent in laboratories of the Aquatic and Isotope Biogeochemistry working group

BSc Theses (in alphabetical order)

Andreae, N., 2020. Observation of Nitrification in the Water Column of the holomictic Lake Loclat (NE) over Winter. BSc Thesis University Basel.

Blaurock, K., 2015. The cycling of NOx in the Benguela upwelling area: constraints from nitrate N and O isotope signatures. BSc Thesis University Basel.

Braxmaier E.-M., 2021. Establishment of a qPCR protocol for the quantification of the abundance of ammonium-oxidizers in the water column of Lake Lugano. BSc Thesis University Basel.

Brunner L., 2022. Stable isotope fractionation of dissolved oxygen during reactions between singlet oxygen and amino acids. BSc Thesis University Basel.

Burgdorfer, L., 2017. Die Sauerstoff- und Stickstoffisotopenfraktionierung während der Denitrifizierung durch die Enzyme NAR und NAP bei zwei E.coli Stämmen. BSc Thesis University Basel (in German).

Burtscher, E., 2021. N2O production rates by urea and ammonium oxidation in Lake Lugano. BSc Thesis University Basel.

Buser, C., 2012. Einfluss von Wasserprobenlagerung auf die Analyse von Nitrat- und Nitritkonzentrationen und –isotopenzusammensetzung. BSc Thesis University Basel (in German).

Engbersen, N., 2015. Spatiotemporal changes in the methanotrophic community of Eckernförde Bay. BSc Thesis University Basel.

Erne, M., 2013. Mapping of methane surface concentrations in the Lake Lugano northern basin: Implications for methane fluxes into the Atmosphere. BSc Thesis University Basel.

Felber, N., 2014. Identifizierung von methanoxidierenden Mikroorganismen. BSc Thesis University Basel (in German).

Galliker, F., 2019. Effect of NO3--efflux on the isotopic signature of sedimentary N-elimination. BSc Thesis University Basel.

Geiser, D. 2021. Dynamics of microbial communities in the holomictic and eutrophic Lake Loclat during winter mixing. BSc Thesis University Basel.

Gerster, A., 2018. Oxygen control on benthic nitrate reduction in Lake Lugano South Basin. BSc Thesis University Basel.

Giglio, E., 2015. Zusammenhang der Korngrössenverteilung authigener Kalzitkristalle und des Phosphatgehalts im Sempachersee. BSc Thesis University Basel (in German).

Graf, X. V., 2022. Distribution of nitrite oxidation rates to nitrate in Lake Lugano. BSc Thesis University Basel.

Hasler, J. K., 2021. Morphological and Phylogenetic Description of Cyanobacterial Crusts on Anegada (British Virgin Islands) After the Passage of Hurricane Irma. BSc Thesis University Basel.

Jenzer, J., 2014. Identifizierung und Quantifizierung methanotropher Bakterien in der Nepheloidschicht des Luganersee Südbeckens. BSc Thesis University Basel (in German).

Läubli, S., 2018. Diurnal methane dynamics and possible sources of CH4 in the oxygenated water column of meromictic alpine Lake Cadagno. BSc Thesis University Basel.

Lucchini, B., 2023. Analysis of the impact of environmental changes on nutrient dynamics in Lake Lugano. BSc Thesis University Basel.

Mosimann, J.-L., 2023. Einfluss der Eutrophierung auf den Stickstoffkreislauf in drei Schweizer Seen entlang eines trophischen Gradienten. BSc Thesis University Basel.

Müller, S., 2018. Stickstoffisotopeneffekte während der Denitrifikation in Abhängigkeit der Nox-Reduktionsrate. BSc Thesis University Basel (in German).

Neumann, J., 2014. Nitrate concentration and d15NO3- in the Drake Passage and Atlantic Southern Ocean surface waters: constraints on nitrate utilization. BSc Thesis University Basel.

Pfammatter, P., 2018. Insight into nitrogen pathways in a wastewater treatmet system from nitrogen isotopic analysis. BSc Thesis University Basel.

Piantoni, C. 2022. Comparing the N/O isotope effects of assimilative vs. dissimilative NO3- reduction in a south alpine lake, and isotopic overprinting from NO3- regeneration. BSc Thesis University Basel.

Rehmann, O., 2018. Einfluss der Kohlenstoffquelle auf das Nitrat-Isotopenfraktionierungsverhältnis [O:N] bei der dissimilativen Nitratreduktion durch Pseudomonas sp. BSc Thesis University Basel (in German).

Richner, D., 2015. Methodenetablierung zur Kultivierung von Pseudomonas sp. und der Amplifikation derer Nitrat-Reduktase Gene NarG und NapA. BSc Thesis University Basel (in German).

Rotundo, A., 2022. Development of a quantitative real-time PCR to quantify ammonia-oxidising and nitrite-reducing bacteria in Lake Lugano. BSc Thesis University Basel.

Sarbach, J., 2022. Manganese oxide and iron reduction coupled to ammonium oxidation to N2. BSc Thesis University Basel.

Schmid, A., 2014. Bestimmung von 18O/16O-Isotopenverhältnissen in gelöstem Sauerstoff. Methodenetablierung und Anwendung in einer limnologischen Studie. BSc Thesis University Basel (in German).

Spieler, M., 2019. Regulation of N2O production from denitrification in the oxygen minimum zone of the Eastern Tropical North Pacific (ETNP). BSc Thesis University Basel.

Spitzli, C., 2023. Impact of environmental change and stoichiometric constraints on the phytoplankton community in Lake Lugano. BSc Thesis University Basel.

Stern, B., 2016. Redoxsensitive Elemente als Proxyindikatoren für ehemalige Umweltbedingungen des Sempachersees. BSc Thesis University Basel.

Stöcklin, N., 2015. Pilotversuche zur DIN-Isotopendynamik in partiellen Nitration/Anammox (PN/A)-Systemen. BSc Thesis University Basel.

Venetz, J., 2017. Der Einfluss der Enzyme NAR und NAP auf das Isotopenfraktionierungsverhältnis von Sauerstoff zu Stickstoff während der Denitrifikation. BSc Thesis University Basel (in German).

Vögtli, I., 2014. Biomarkersignaturen in rezenten Sedimenten und diagenetischen Karbonaten in Cold Seeps am Kontinentalhang von Svalbard. BSc Thesis University Basel (in German).